Online Approval Basics

Account Requirement: Institutional Administrator


What is Online Approval?

Set Up Courses, Training Sites, Supervisors, & Terms

Add Faculty Members (optional)

Turn on Online Approval for Trainees

Using Online Approval

Deactivate Courses, Training Sites, Supervisors, & Terms

Unapprove Hours

What is Online Approval?

Online Approval allows trainees to submit their hours online through Time2Track to be approved by their Supervisors.  Supervisors can approve the hours online while you monitor the process.  

Before your trainees start using Online Approval, you’ll need to add your courses, training sites, supervisors and terms to Time2Track.  Trainees will only be able to choose from the options you create, so you can be sure their data is recorded accurately.

Online Approval is an optional Time2Track feature.  Trainees in your program can always print signature pages of their reports to obtain supervisor signatures.

Set Up Your Courses, Training Sites, Supervisors, & Terms

Online Approval is based on the concept of a Placement, or training experience.  In Time2Track, a Placement refers to any type of training experience, including jobs and internships, and is made up of a Course, a Training Site, a Term, and one or more Supervisors.  

As your program's Institutional Administrator, you (or someone at your program) will define the Course, Training Site, Term, and Supervisor options available to your trainees when logging their hours.


In Time2Track, the  Course refers to the name or number of the placement or internship course.   

To Add a Course:

Click  Training then  Courses then Add a Course.
Enter Course Name and Level.
Click Save, then your Course will be available to your trainees when they set up a placement.

Training Sites

Training Sites refer to any location where a trainee is accruing hours.

To Add a Training Site:

Click Training then  Training Sites then Add a Training Site.
Start typing the name of the training site in the smart search field.  If the training site is already in Time2Track, matching names will appear and you can select the correct one from the list.  If not, just keep typing and you can add your own training site.
Fill in the information (required information is marked with a *), then click Save.


Before supervisors can approve hours through Time2Track, you'll need to invite them.  Once invited, Time2Track will send them an invitation to set up an account.

To Add a Supervisor:

Click  Training then  Supervisors then  Add a Supervisor.
Complete all the information you know (required information is marked with a *).  Any unknown information will be filled out by the supervisor when they complete their account setup.
Assign the supervisor to a training site or multiple training sites, then click Save.
The supervisor will receive a welcome email and instructions on how to complete the setup of their account.


Terms are useful for reporting purposes when date ranges are not necessarily reliable.

To Add a Term:


Click  Training then Terms then Add New Term.


Enter the term Name (eg. Spring 2016), Start Date, End Date, and indicate if it is the Current Term, then click Add.

Add Faculty Members [Platinum Plan]

Faculty members can be added to Time2Track and have special permissions in the system. The main functions of Faculty in Time2Track are to verify hours that have been approved by a supervisor and to act on behalf of a supervisor if necessary.


Time2Track Faculty is only available to Time2Track Platinum plan subscribers.

Faculty can:

  • Verify or Unapprove approval requests approved by supervisors.
  • Verify or Un-reject approval requests rejected by supervisors.
  • Approve & Verify or Reject & Verify an approval submission not acted on by a supervisor. This would be approving/rejecting the submission on behalf of the supervisor and verifying in a single action. Faculty can add an optional note to explain this action.
  • Unverify or Unapprove a previously approved and verified approval submission.

To Add Faculty:

Click Training, Faculty, then Add a Faculty.
Enter the faculty member’s name and email address, then click Save.
The faculty member will be sent an email invitation to set up their Time2Track account.
Once a faculty member has been added, trainees can identify that faculty member when adding or editing a placement.

Turn on Online Approval for Trainees

After setting up courses, training sites, supervisors, and terms in Time2Track, you can make the Online Approvals feature available for your trainees.  

To turn on Online Approvals:

Click on the gear icon in the top right corner of your Time2Track account, then select Profile.
Check the box for Supervisor Approvals Enabled for Students, then click Save.

Now your trainees will be able to set up placements and begin logging hours to them.

Using Online Approval

Online Approval is simple and easy to use.  Once you've completed your program's setup, your trainees will set up their placements and begin logging hours to them.  

Once trainees are ready to get a supervisor's approval, they can send groups of hours (like a timesheet) to their supervisor(s) for approval.  

The supervisor will receive an email alerting them of the approval request, or they can log into their Time2Track account to view the request.  They'll have the option to approve or reject the request and include a note to the trainee.

As these processes are occurring, you can monitor it all in your Time2Track Institutional account.  

Just go to Training then Approvals and you can view a list of all approval requests that have gone back and forth between your trainees and their supervisors.  You can use the filtering options at the top of the screen to narrow down the list.

Click on the Course to view the approval request details.

Deactivate Courses, Training Sites, & Supervisors

At some point, you may need to deactivate a Course, Training Site, or Supervisor within Time2Track.  This will not affect any placements or hours logged by your trainees, but will prevent those options from showing up the next time a trainee adds a placement.

Deactivate a Course

Go to Training then Courses, then click the name of the course you'd like to deactivate.  Change the Status to Inactive, then click Save.  

You'll then see that the course  Status has been changed to Inactive.

Deactivate a Training Site

Go to  Training then Training Sites, then click the name of the training site you'd like to deactivate.  Change the Status to Inactive, then click Save.  

You'll then see that the training site Status has been changed to Inactive.

Deactivate a Supervisor

Go to  Training then Supervisors, then click the name of the supervisor you'd like to deactivate.  Change the Status to Inactive, then click Save.  

You'll then see that the supervisor  Status has been changed to Inactive.

Unapprove Hours

The only people who can unapprove hours are the supervisor or the faculty member that is associated with the placement attached to those hours.  If you, as the Institutional Administrator, would like to be able to unapprove the hours, you will need to be the faculty member on the placement.  If you aren't the faculty member, you'll need to make that change.  Make sure you've added a faculty account for yourself before starting the next steps.

After a faculty account has been added, follow these steps:
  1. Click on the Training tab and then click Placements in the sub-tab.
  2. Enter the name of the student and select that name when it appears in the dropdown menu.
  3. Click Filter

When you see the placement that needs to have hours unapproved, click on the course in that placement.
When the placement appears on the screen, select the faculty member that needs to unapprove the hours and click Save.

After the faculty member has been added to the placement for the hours that need to be unapproved the faculty member will be able to unapprove the hours by following these steps.


If you added yourself as the faculty member and will be the one unapproving hours, you'll need to switch to the Faculty role before following the next steps.