Importing Your Data to the AAPI Online

Account Requirement: Individual (Doctoral Psychology)


What Will Be Imported

What Will Not Be Imported

Your Time2Track data can be imported into the Summary of Practicum Experiences section of the AAPI Online

Sign in or create your AAPI Online account here, then click Import My Hours. Follow the instructions on that page to begin the import.

We recommend you run the AAPI View report in Time2Track and leave it open in a separate window or print it out. You can then refer to the information in the AAPI View report and compare it with what was imported into the AAPI Online.

What Will Be Imported

  • Intervention Experience
  • Integrated Reports
  • Additional Information About Practicum Experiences
  • Demographics
  • Supervision Received
  • Support Activities

See below for additional information.

Integrated Reports

Under the Assessments tab in Time2Track, the numbers for Integrated Reports will be automatically imported into your application.

Additional Information About Practicum Experiences

This information will be imported from Time2Track. This will include hours by treatment setting and demographic totals.


Supervision Received

What Will Not Be Imported

  • Activities with Unknown Age
  • Psychological Assessment Experience
  • Assessments
  • Supervision Received (Pre-2012 AAPI Changes)

See below for additional information.

Activities with Unknown Age

When viewing the AAPI View report in Time2track, you may see a line stating “Unknown age”. This indicates that activities were added without specifying a client.

To Find & Edit Activities with No Client:

You can find those activities by using the List option under Activities, filtering on “Group Counseling”, and execute the filter. That will show a list of all “Group Counseling”. Click the “Client” Column on the screen to reorder the listing by client. Activities with no client will be at the top of the list. If you need to add a client to the activity, select the activity, add the client and save the change. Then you can re-run the AAPI View report to see the change reflected in the report.

Psychological Assessment Experience 

The information in the Psychological Assessment Experience section of the AAPI View Report will need to be added manually to your AAPI.

In the AAPI Online, select each option and follow the instructions.

After entering this information, the information on the AAPI View report will be the same as what you have entered in your application.


To enter Assessment information, it is recommended that you print the Assessments report in Time2tack to determine what needs to be added to your application.

The Assessments tab in Time2Track shows all of the assessments you have added to Time2Track.

Your application will ask for information on specific assessments. Find that information in Time2Track and enter it into your application.

Some of the assessments you entered may be found in multiple rows in Assessments and there may be slight differences in spelling.

Supervision Received (Pre-2012 AAPI Changes)

If you see the information below in your Time2Track AAPI View report, that means you have been logging supervision hours before the fall of 2012. APPIC made a change to how supervision hours were categorized at that time. These supervision hours need to be changed to the options for supervision now. You can adjust these in Time2Track and re-import your hours or adjust your application numbers manually.

If you don’t see this in your AAPI View report, ignore this section.