Form Delivery Instructions

Account Requirement: Institutional Administrator


Form Delivery

Administrative Delivery

Auto-Delivery & Student Delivery

Form Delivery

Once you have built your forms and evaluations, you will need to decide how you want those forms to be distributed. There are three ways a form or evaluation can be delivered:

Administrator Delivery. This option gives the administrator full responsibility for initiating the electronic distribution of a form or evaluation through the T2T system
Auto-Delivery. In this case, a form or evaluation is set up to be automatically distributed when a placement is created by a student.
Student Delivery. For this delivery method, the student is responsible for sending or completing the form or evaluation.

Administrator Delivery

A form or evaluation that requires administrator delivery does not require any additional steps once it has been created. The administrator will simply need to follow the step-by-step instructions for sending forms when they are ready to deliver the forms and evaluations.

Auto-Delivery & Student Delivery

To automatically deliver forms or give students access to start the workflow, you first must connect your forms and evaluations to a specific course. Doing this tells the system which form to use and who to send it to. To do this, you must follow these steps:

Enable the form or evaluation for each course that will be using it.
  • In your institutional account select the Training tab.
  • Select Courses in the sub-tabs.
  • Click on the course the will have forms auto-delivered & student delivered.

Under the Forms section, click “enable” to activate the form(s) for that need to be delivered for that course and then select the Sent Type for each form.
  • Send on Placement Creation - This option will automatically send the form to the student or supervisor when a placement is created for a student.
  • Required - This is for forms that are required for the course and must be initiated by the student when the form is to be completed.
  • Optional - This is an optional form that must be initiated by the student to begin the process of completing the document.

When you've finished setting up the forms to be auto-delivered or student delivered, click Save at the bottom of the page.