Sending Placement Forms

After you set up a placement, forms for that placement will be added to your account in the "Placement Forms" section under the Forms tab. These forms will require you to either send the form to your supervisor or start a form that needs to be filled out and submitted by you. 

When you are ready to send a form to your supervisor, just click the "Send Form" button to the right of the form and it will be sent to your supervisor.  When you're ready to start filling out one of your forms just click "Start Form".

When you are filling out your form, you have the option to Save the form so that you can go back later to finish and submit it.  Scroll down to the bottom of the form to click the Save button.

After you've saved your form, the status will change to show the the form is "in-progress" and the Action will change to "View Form".

Forms Type shows who (student/supervisor) needs to complete sections of the form. 

When you see the student icon on a form, this means the form is meant for you to complete and submit.

When you see the supervisor icon on a form, this means that you will need to send that form to your supervisor.

The icons shown below will be on multi-respondent forms.  These types of forms show the first person who will receive the form, complete their section, and submit it so that the second person can complete their part and submit it .  

When you have a student --> supervisor form, you will start the form and when you submit it, the form will be sent to your supervisor.  When it's a supervisor --> student form, you will send the form to your supervisor and when he/she has finished filling out their part of the form and submit it, it will be sent to you to complete your section.

If you submitted approval requests to multiple supervisor for a single placement, you will see placement forms for each supervisor.