Logging Hours as a Professional/Postgraduate


When adding activities as an internship or as a professional/postgraduate, you will want to keep your activities separate from your other hours for reporting purposes. You can do this with a date range in the report filters but an easier way to separate the hours is by using a different level. 

The first thing to do when you begin logging hours at an internship site or as a professional/postgraduate is to change/confirm the level in your profile. This will be your default level used by your reports. Click the gear icon in the top right of your Time2Track screen, select Profile and change/confirm your level to the one that best fits your situation.  Save that change.  


If you have been using Time2Track, your account is more than likely connected to your school account.  If the site where you are training uses Time2Track, you should go to your profile and change your School/Organization to the name of the organization where you are training. If the name is not on the list, you can leave your account connected to your school or change the school to "No School" so you will not be connected to any School/Organization account. This will provide you with the standard activity type list options in Time2Track.  To see what is on the standard list, save the new School/Organization you selected then go to Activities => Add a New Activity. Click on the drop-down for Activity Type and the list of activity types configured for the School/Organization you selected will be displayed. Some of the choices may have different activity types available choices based on the level at the top of the screen. Change that and then check the activity type choices for that level.

There are selections available for School/Organization that have been configured for specific fields of study with different activity types. Here is the current list.

  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst Certification     
  • Clinical Psychology   
  • Clinical Social Work  
  • Counseling    
  • Counseling Professionals - Licensure Hours         
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) - Licensure Hours         
  • Marriage & Family Therapy            
  • Neuropsychology     
  • School Psychology

If the list you now have configured doesn't contain the activity types you need, try one of these choices above for School/Organization in your profile that makes sense for your field of study and see if it meets your need. If the activity type list is not an exact match, you can also create your own custom activity types. You will then have your custom activity type as one of your activity types available. Settle on the School/Organization you want to use before creating custom activity types.

Hours Approval

The ability to submit your hours electronically for approval is dependent on the organization identified in your profile. As a student, your school/program may have provided the necessary information for you to create your placements.  As a professional/postgraduate user, your school doesn't have the necessary training sites and supervisors defined so you will not be able to set up a placement when your profile is still connected to your school. If you have been using online approvals while you were a student, read this next section.  If not, skip to the section Activities.

You will notice some changes when you try to create a new placement as a Professional or Postgraduate.  That option is not available or if you are still connected to your school, the options in Placements don't have what you need to set up a placement for your professional/postgraduate hours. Your school doesn't maintain that information for you to track your professional/postgraduate hours.   And, without a placement, you will not be able to submit hours electronically for approval.  

If the organization where you are training and logging your hours is using Time2Track, change the school/organization in your profile to their name and save the change. If they have online approvals configured, you can set up a placement under their account and add the placement to your activities. If your site does not use Time2Track and is interested in more information they can contact us.

If you aren't able to set up a placement, you can submit your hours to your supervisor by printing the Activity Summary report and have your supervisor physically sign the report indicating the hours are approved. 

When using the Activity Summary report and physical signatures to have your hours approved, you need a way to identify the training site and supervisor that will be attached to each activity.  You do that by creating a treatment setting with your training site and supervisor as the name of the treatment setting.  Example Treatment setting name: (City Behavioral Health Clinic, Dr. Supervisor Name).  Click here for more information about creating a treatment setting.

If you use more than one supervisor, create a new treatment setting with the new supervisor's name as part of the treatment setting name. Also, if you move to a different training site, create a new treatment setting for the new training site and supervisor. 

Adding Activities 

The first time you log an activity, change the level at the top of the Add a New Activity screen to the level you used in your profile. After you complete the first activity, Time2Track will remember the level used and will automatically use the same level for future activities added. 

As you log your hours, use the treatment setting that you created for the activities so they can be identified as having taken place at the training site and supervised by the supervisor named in the treatment setting.  


Your reports will default to the level in your profile so your reports will include only activities that were added with the level in your profile.  You can select a different level for your reports if needed. Multiple levels can be selected for reports.

When you print your Activity Summary Report, you can select the activities for a specific date range and the activities associated with a specific treatment setting. By selecting one of the treatment settings you created, the report will include only the hours for the level and treatment setting selected and use the dates to include only activities that took place between and including the dates entered in the filter. When you have made your selections, click Filter to execute the filter and produce the report.  

Print the report and take it to your supervisor for his/her approval signature.  Hang on to these reports as you log your hours.  

Periodically or at the end of a training at that treatment setting, you can print a final report of all hours for that supervisor and have the total hours approved so you only need to keep the last report.  Leave the dates on the report filter blank and all hours for the selected level and treatment setting will be included in the report.

If you need a report combining treatment settings, select multiple treatment settings from the drop-down list and then Filter. If no treatment setting is selected, all activities for the selected Level will be included.

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