Log Activities for Different Levels

Account Requirement: Individual

Time2Track makes it easy to keep all your training hours in one place.  Using the Level field, you can separate hours earned during your Masters program, Doctoral program, and after graduation.

Change Your Account Level

As you progress through your program and after graduation, you can update your account level to reflect your current status. 

Change your level to indicate your new status by clicking Profile under the gear icon, then choose your new Program Level and click Save.

Change the Level for an Activity

Changing your Account level will not affect your activities.  Each activity has its own level, so you can specify at what level that activity was earned.  When you add an activity, you can change the level for that activity.  The new level will become your default for future activities logged.  This is helpful if you are backlogging hours earned for a different degree or if you have graduated and are now in a postgraduate or professional placement.