How do I switch from a school account to an individual account after graduation?

Account Requirement: Individual

After graduation, you can continue to use Time2Track to track hours for licensure and keep all your data in one place, even if your school was previously paying for your Time2Track account.  You can continue to use your existing Time2Track account and you will not need to create a new one or delete any of your previous data.

Renew your subscription by logging into your account, then clicking Subscription under the gear icon.  Choose the subscription you want to purchase, then follow the prompts to enter your payment information.
Change your level to indicate your new status by clicking Profile under the gear icon, then choose your new Program Level and click Save.
The next time you add an activity, choose the new level for that activity.  The new level will become your default for future activities logged.
If you are no longer a part of an organization that uses Time2Track at the institutional level, you will not have access to Online Approvals or Forms. You will still be able to log your activities but instead of submitting your hours for approval online, you will need to Print a Report with a Signature Page for your supervisor to sign.