Complete a Form

Account Requirement: Individual

If your school or organization is using Online Forms, you have the ability to complete and sign evaluations and other forms through Time2Track that are sent to you by your organization.

When a form is sent to you to complete, you will receive an alert email from Time2Track letting you know.  You can click the link in that email to be taken directly to your Time2Track account, or you can log into your Time2Track account  here and click the Forms tab to access your forms and evaluations.

To complete a form or evaluation, click Start Form.  Fill out the correct information on the form (some information might be automatically populated for you), then click Save or Submit Form.  

Clicking Save will save your information so you can come back and complete the rest of the form later.  Clicking Submit Form will send the form to your supervisor for their review or directly to your program, depending on the form.  If you are unsure whether your form will be sent to your supervisor or not, check with your program to verify.