Demographic Totals in Reports

Account Requirement: Individual

Demographic totals for your clients can be found in various reports in Time2Track.  Depending on your account level, the numbers may be different when you compare the demographic information across the different reports.  

Demographic Summary Report

Doctoral Psychology Users Only
The Demographic Summary Report calculates demographic totals by Intervention and Assessment activities and provides you with two totals for each demographic item.  A single client can be counted in both groups if they have been seen for intervention and assessment activities, so simply adding together the intervention and assessment totals will not necessarily give you a total for your demographics.

Combined Summary Report

The Combined Summary Report calculates demographic totals as you would expect.  It displays a straightforward tally of the numbers with no other criteria.  

AAPI View Report

Doctoral Psychology Users Only
The AAPI View Report calculates your demographics by Intervention and Assessment using the special APPIC Application for Psychology Internships (AAPI) requirements.

Per APPIC's requirements, Intake Interview / Structured Interview hours are counted as Intervention hours but the demographics of the client (Race / Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation, Disabilities, and Gender) are included under the Assessment demographic totals. 

If you have a large number of Intake/Structured Interview activities logged in Time2Track, you may see a big difference in your demographic totals when comparing the Demographic Summary Report to the AAPI View Report.

Also, remember that a client may end up being counted in both the Intervention and Assessment columns so adding the two columns together will not necessarily add up to the total clients seen in the Combined Summary Report.