Progress Reports

Account Requirement: Individual

Time2Track offers several different Reports to help you track your progress.  These reports can be printed for your records or to obtain signatures from your supervisors.  Depending on your Time2Track account level, you will have access to some or all of the reports listed below.

Activity Summary Report

The Activity Summary report shows a snapshot of your cumulative data as well as helpful graphs.  You can filter the Activity Summary report by date as well as download a printer-friendly version for your supervisors.

Demographic Summary Report

Doctoral Psychology Users Only
The Demographic Summary report gives you an overview of all the clients / patients you've seen.  This report shows demographic summary data broken down by Age, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Race / Ethnicity, and Disabilities.  At the bottom, you can see your grand totals for Individuals, Couples, Families and Groups.  You also have the option to print a signature page for your supervisor to sign.

Combined Summary Report

This report shows Demographics, Hours by Type, Total Clients Seen, and a Summary of your total hours.  You can also filter by date range and setting or print a signature page for your supervisors.

Activity Details Report

The Activity Details report shows a detailed view of all your activities.  You can create custom reports by date, client, treatment setting, and type as well as print or download a printer-friendly version for your supervisors.  Click on the date of the activity to view and/or edit all activities for that day.

AAPI View Report

Doctoral Psychology Users Only
The AAPI View report is available for Doctoral Psychology Time2Track users and is designed to match the layout of the APPIC Application for Psychology Internships (AAPI).  When you are ready to submit your internship application to APPIC, you can use the AAPI View to easily enter your data into the online application. The AAPI accepts only whole numbers so you would need to round your numbers up from the AAPI View Report.  The hours portion of the AAPI can be completed in as little as 15 minutes if all of your hours are in Time2Track.