Attach a Placement & Supervisor to Existing Activities

Account Requirement: Individual


If you've been using Time2Track to log your hours and your program has now started using Online Approval, you may need to add placement and supervisor information to the activities you've already logged.  Don't worry – it's easy to do with Time2Track's bulk editing tool.


If an activity doesn't have placement information attached to it, Time2Track won't know which supervisor it needs to be sent to for approval.  It's important to make sure that all your activities that you want to have approved online have placement and supervisor information included.  An easy way to check this is by using the Activities List.  

The first thing you need to do is  Add a Placement.

Now that your placement is setup, you can attach it to your previously logged activities. 

Identify the group of activities that need to have a placement and supervisor added.  Go to  Activities then List, and click  Advanced Filters
Under the  Placement dropdown list, select None.  If there are other filter settings that need to be added to narrow down the list, include those too (Example: a specific date range, a specific Treatment Setting, etc). Then click  Filter.
Now you will see a list of activities that match your filter settings.  Use the "select all" checkbox  (the top checkbox beside Status) to select all the activities on that page (you can also select individual activities if you don't want to change all the activities on that page).
Now you want to change the placement and supervisor for each of the activities from being empty or blank to your placement and supervisor. Select Change placement and supervisor  from the Choose bulk action dropdown menu.
Choose the correct Placement and Supervisor from the  dropdown menus.
Once you're absolutely sure you want to change these activities (remember, there is no undo ), click Update .
That batch of activities has been changed to include the placement and supervisor you selected. Since your filter is set to  "Placement = None", your screen will refresh with the next group of activities to change.  You can change up to 25 activities at one time.
Repeat steps 3-6 until you have added this placement and supervisor to all the correct activities.

If you have more activities that need a different placement and/or supervisor added, repeat the steps above.


If you receive an error message when attempting to add placement and supervisor information to a group of activities, make sure all the activities have the same Level

Since a placement is set at a certain level (eg. Masters or Internship), the activities being changed must all have the same level. The level of the activities must also be the same as the level of the placement.