Update Integrated Reports Written

Account Requirement: Individual

According to the Association of Psychology Postdoctorate and Internship Centers: An integrated report includes a review of history, results of an interview, and at least two tests from one or more of the following categories: personality assessments (objective, self-report, and/or projective), intellectual assessment, cognitive assessment, and/or neuropsychological assessment. These are synthesized into a comprehensive report providing an overall picture of the patient/client.  

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Record an Integrated Report

You don't add an integrated report in Time2Track. You record the activities and assessments that were part of the integrated report like you would any of other activities and assessments. Make sure you include the client code for the individual who was the subject of the integrated report when you are entering the activities and assessments. 

When you have completed the requirements,  you need to record that you have satisfied the requirements of an integrated report.

Assessments - Integrated Reports

The number of Integrated Reports written is tracked in the Assessments section.

This is a very simple process of keeping a running count of the number of integrated reports you have completed.  It a simple count that is included in the Activity Summary report if no date parameters are specified in the report.

Click  Assessments
Click  Integrated Reports.
Update your total number of integrated reports completed for children/adolescents and adults.  Make sure to add to the number that is already there, instead of replacing it with the number you want to add.  For example, if I have completed a total of 8 integrated reports for adults. 

I want to record that I have written an additional integrated report. I would simply change the number of integrated reports Administered to Adults to 9.

When you're done, click  Update.

The number of Integrated Reports will be included in the Activity Summary Report and the Assessments Report.


Assessments can be used to track other information about an activity, such as writing an integrated report.

When you log activities that were part of an integrated report and you want to record that an Integrated Reports has been written, add an assessment titled Integrated Report Written to an activity.  Add 1 to the Report option and Time2Track will keep up with how many times you logged something to that "assessment".  At any time, you can go to the Assessments tab and check the number of times you logged something to Integrated Report Written.

This is completely optional and will not impact the Integrated Reports total in the Assessments section or in the Assessments Report.