Add & Manage Assessments

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Add Assessments to an Activity

Add a Custom Assessment

View & Manage Assessments

Add Assessments to an Activity

To add assessments to an activity, go to Activities then click  Add A New Activity.  You will then be prompted to enter the details of your activity. 
Click the + icon beside  Assessments to view the options for adding administered assessments. 
Clicking in the text box will bring up a list of your recently used assessments.  You can choose from this list or start typing the name of the assessment you'd like to add.  As you start typing, the dropdown list will show all the matching assessments in Time2Track's database.  Choose the one you'd like to record, then add the correct number(s) to the appropriate box(es).
Click Add Another Assessment to add any additional assessments that were administered during this activity.


AdministeredNumber Clinically Administered/Scored: The number of times that you both administered and scored the instrument in a clinical situation (i.e., with an actual client/patient).

ReportNumber of Clinical Reports Written with this Measure: The number of these instruments for which you also wrote a clinical interpretive report integrating data from each measure.

ResearchNumber Administered as Part of a Research Project: The number of instruments that you administered as part of a research project.

Add a Custom Assessment

As you are adding an assessment to an activity, you may find that the assessment you need is not listed.  

If this happens, just continue typing the full name of your assessment instead of choosing one from the list.  When you save your activity, the assessment will then be added to your list of assessments.

View & Manage Assessments

The  Assessments section allows you to view and manage your administered assessment instruments.  

In this section, you can also  update your Integrated Report Totals and Print a Signature Page of all your administered assessments.

To view details of an assessment, just click on the name of that assessment.  This view will show you the activities that have this assessment attached.  Click on the name of the activity to view and edit the details of that activity.


If you used Time2Track before July 2012, you may have assessments that were logged without being associated with an activity.  You can edit those unassociated totals by clicking the name of the assessment in the Assessments section.