Using Client Tags

Account Requirement: Individual

Some educational programs and organizations that use Time2Track need to track additional information about the clients that their students or employees work with.  In these cases, organizations can create a list of custom tags that can be used to attach additional information to clients for reporting purposes.  Tags can only be added by an organization using Time2Track, so contact your program's Time2Track administrator or training director to request additional tags.

If your organization is using tags, you can add them to your clients in the Clients section of Time2Track.

Navigate to the Clients section.
Find the client you'd like to tag, then click their client code.
Click the Tags box, then select your tag from the list.

Click the box again to select another tag, or click the  X beside a tag to delete it from the client's record.


You can also start typing in the Tags box to search the list of tags. 

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