Create & Manage Client Codes

Account Requirement: Individual

A Client Code is a unique set of up to 6 characters (letters and/or numbers) that identifies each one of your Individual, Couple, and Family clients.  Group client codes can have up to 30 characters.

Time2Track uses Client Codes to track clients instead of names or other identifying information in order to maintain privacy. 

If you are tracking clients in Time2Track, you'll need to create your own personal  system for coding your clients.  This makes it easier to identify each client in your Time2Track account.  We purposefully do not recommend a specific structure in order to maintain the highest level of client confidentiality.  We encourage you to be creative and make sure not to tell others of your coding system in order to maintain client privacy.

We have created a helpful set of  Client Coding Sheets to help you keep track of your coding system and your clients, which you can download below.

Download Client Coding Sheets »


These client coding sheets are provided for your convenience. You should always take steps to ensure that any identifiable information documented on these sheets is secured in accordance with the American Psychological Association’s ethical guidelines. Time2Track and its partners are not responsible for any inappropriate use, transfer, or storage of these forms.