Hours in my placements aren't adding up correctly. How do I find the problem and fix it?

Account Requirement: Individual

This issue is typically caused by activities being entered with the wrong placement associated.  There are several ways that you can investigate what has been entered into Time2Track to determine if activities may have been entered incorrectly.

Activities List View

  • Go to Activities then List, and select Clear by the Advanced Filter button (if it is displayed). That will ensure all activities will be displayed at the start.
  • Click Advanced Filter and use the filtering options to specify the date range and/or treatment setting for one of your placements, then click Filter.  
  • Scroll through the pages on this list to make sure all placements were entered correctly, then repeat for your other placements.

Activity Summary Report 

  • Take a look at the Activity Summary report for the date ranges of each of your placements. Look at the section for hours by treatment setting. That will show you where hours have been logged to different treatment settings. Make sure the Treatment Settings are correct.
  • If you find problems, you need to determine if the hours logged to incorrect Treatment Settings are dated correctly but have the wrong Treatment Setting OR have the correct Treatment Setting but are dated incorrectly.
  • If you determine the activities are dated correctly, you can edit activities in bulk to change the treatment setting for a group of activities within a date range. 
  • If you determine the activities are dated incorrectly, you will need to edit the activities to change their dates OR re-enter those activities for the correct dates and delete the activities dated incorrectly. Be very careful deleting activities since there is no undo.