Transferring Your Data to the AAPI Online

Account Requirement: Individual (Doctoral Psychology)

Transferring your hours to the APPIC Internship Application (AAPI) is quick and easy with Time2Track.  We provide you with the exact data you need in a format that mirrors the AAPI.

You will need two reports from Time2Track to transfer your data into the AAPI.  The numbers from these reports can be typed directly into the AAPI Online.  You can view the reports online through Time2Track or print the reports for reference while you are transferring your hours.

Reports You'll Need:

AAPI View Report
Go to Reports then AAPI View in your Time2Track account.  This report will provide your hours and demographics in the same format as the AAPI to make transferring your information as easy as possible. This should take anywhere between 15 and 45 minutes.

Read more about how APPIC requires data to be calculated (and why some of your totals might look skewed) »

Assessment Report 
Select the Assessments section of Time2Track and you will see a listing of your assessments logged into Time2Track and your total Integrated Reports. Select "Print Signature Page" and use this report to complete the "Psychological Assessment Experience" for "Adult Assessment Instruments" and "Child & Adolescent Instruments" portion of the AAPI.

The AAPI will ask for specific assessments already included on their list and also allow you to enter other assessments you have administered. We suggest you spend a few minutes before you begin this portion to determine which of your assessments can be entered into their specific assessments and which of the other assessments you want to add to the application.

There are different versions and sub tests of the assessments in the AAPI so check with your Training Director or Supervisor if you have questions. Also keep in mind that APPIC requests that you do not include any subtests on the AAPI.  Instead, you can discuss this experience in your essays or other sections.

Here are screen shots from the AAPI with the lists of specific assessments for "Adults" and "Child & Adolescent" sections.

Adult Assessment Instruments


Child and Adolescent Instruments