Unsubmit & Edit an Evaluation

Account Requirement: Individual

Sometimes you may have the need to edit a form or evaluation that you've already submitted.  In these cases, you can choose to unsubmit the evaluation, make your changes, then submit it again.

To unsubmit and edit a form or evaluation, click Evaluations in your Time2Track account, then click View Evaluation beside the form you'd like to edit.  

Click Unsubmit and Edit at the bottom of the screen, make your changes, then click Submit Evaluation.  

This will send the form to your supervisor for their review or directly to your program, depending on the form.  If you are unsure whether your form will be sent to your supervisor or not, check with your program to verify.


Forms that have been approved by your program can't be edited. If you need to edit a form with an Approved status, contact your program to have them unapprove it.  This will unlock the form and allow you to follow the steps above.

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