Import Activities from MyPsychTrack

Account Requirement: Individual (Doctoral Psychology)


The following instructions are for users who have imported their data from the Pre-March 2016 version of MyPsychTrack.  If you are using the new version of MyPsychTrack, you can  transfer your baseline hours from MyPsychTrack to Time2Track.

If you’ve been using MyPsychTrack to log your hours, you can now quickly and easily import your activities and clients into Time2Track. 

**IMPORTANT - If you have previously logged hours into Time2Track and transferred those hours into MyPsychTrack, contact us and we'll help you through the process to make sure hours are not duplicated. We recommend that you DO NOT edit the excel file since that can create an issue with the format which may cause it not to work.

The import program will take activities from MyPsychTrack that have been exported into a spreadsheet and import them into Time2Track. Most of the data can be imported, with some exceptions:

The MyPsychTrack export file does not contain specific data about your supervisor which is needed to place your supervision activities in the correct activity type.  For this reason, Time2Track can only import your supervision activities as “Individual” or “Group”.  You’ll need to use our bulk editing tool to change your supervision activities to the correct activity types.   

Learn More about Bulk Editing Activities »

In the MyPsychTrack export file, assessments are listed in a separate tab, but have no dates or activities associated with them. Since they aren’t associated with activities, Time2Track cannot import them into the database. You can add your assessments to the appropriate activities after the import is complete. 

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Multiple Ethnicities
Currently, Time2Track doesn’t support multiple ethnicities, so only the first ethnicity listed in the MyPsychTrack export file will be imported into Time2Track as part of a client’s record. 

Baseline Hours
Baseline hours entered into MyPsychTrack are not included in the MyPsychTrack activities export, so they cannot be imported into Time2Track’s database. You can, however, add your baseline hours with Time2Track’s baseline hours feature. However, the baseline hours are only used to calculate hours for the AAPI View report in Time2Track.

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Supervisor Approvals
If you were using MyPsychTrack’s online supervisor approval features, those approvals will not be imported into Time2Track. Once the online approvals is setup by your school, those hours can be re-approved by your supervisor or a member of the training department.

In Time2Track, Online Approvals needs to be set up by your school or program and supervisors need to be invited by them.  Because of this, we can’t import supervisor information into Time2Track from your MyPsychTrack export file. 

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Importing your MyPsychTrack hours into Time2Track

STEP 1:  Export your MyPsychTrack data. 

  1. Log into your MyPsychTrack account.
  2. In the Reports tab, locate the Activities Report Spreadsheet and click Generate.  

  3. Wait until your spreadsheet is generated (it could take up to 15 minutes).
  4. Then click Download Spreadsheet.  This will download the Excel file to your computer.

STEP 2:  Import your data into Time2Track.

  1. Log into your Time2Track account and click on the gear icon in the top righthand corner of the screen. Click Import Activities from the dropdown list.
  2. Locate the original export file containing your MyPsychTrack activities (do not make any changes to the content before uploading to Time2Track).  It should be named something like “FirstName_LastName_Activities_Report_Date.xls”. This file could be in your Downloads folder, your Desktop, or wherever your Internet browser stores your downloaded files. 
  3. Drag and drop that file into the import box in your Time2Track account or click select it from your computer to upload the file.  Time2Track will analyze the file to make sure the correct file has been selected.

    * If your file data is in the correct format, you’re good to go.

    * If your file is not correct, double check to make sure you selected the ORIGINAL MyPsychTrack export file and have not made any changes to the file.  It must be an Excel file or .CSV.

  4. Click Import to begin the import. This will take a few minutes depending on the number of activities in the file.

  5. The import will give you a message that summarizes the import and the number of activities imported. If a problem was encountered, the activities that could not be imported will be saved as a .CSV file that you can download and use to enter those activities in Time2Track manually.  You can also try making the appropriate changes to the .CSV file and re-uploading it. If you need additional help with this, contact us.

  6. Any unconfirmed activities that are imported will need to be confirmed by you.

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